YouTube is making changes to how it gives strikes to users who violate the community guidelines.
Strikes could result in penalties or even the removal of an account.
But first, YouTube will give users a one-time warning before handing out further strikes.
There is no penalty involved with receiving a warning aside from the removal of the content which triggered the warning.
This change comes into effect on February 25 and applies to first-time offenders only.
Traditionally, YouTube has relied on a strict three-strike system before users deal with more severe consequences.
The three-strike rule still applies after the initial warning. It’s an effective system, YouTube says, as 94% of those who do receive a first strike never get a second one.
Perhaps that’s why YouTube figures a simple warning is all that’s needed in most cases.
Other Changes to the Strike System
YouTube is making strikes more consistent across all types of content.
Previously, strikes on videos would incur a different penalty from strikes on custom thumbnails and other violations.
Now, all strikes will have the same penalty. This covers videos, stories, custom thumbnails, and website links in the video description.
Here’s how it works:
First strike: A one-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube.
Second strike: A two-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube.
Third strike: The channel will be terminated.
Strikes will reset if there are no further violations within a 90-day period. The one-time warning does not reset.
Lastly, YouTube is making email and desktop notifications clearer for users who receive a strike.
Notifications will contain details on which policy was violated and now be accessed on mobile as well as desktop.

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