You Measure SEO success by

You Measure SEO success by

Measuring SEO Success

If you measure SEO success by the progress on a to-do list, you are doing it wrong.

At the end of the day, we want to be judged by one thing – the results we provide.

It helps if everyone agrees on what success looks like in the beginning.

There are no guarantees in SEO, but everyone can agree to goals.

As long as those goals are achieved using Google’s guidance on good techniques, clients and bosses need to give the SEO provider enough rope to either climb to new heights or hang themselves.

I tell every prospect, if we can’t show you at least a 3x return on your SEO investment in 6 months, you should fire us.

The goal may be 3x return – or it may be a percentage increase in email subscriptions. The bottom line is the bottom line.

You need to know what success looks like. Then either help your SEO person/team, if you are able, or get out of the way.

Sure, it’s fine to send an article over asking what your SEO manager thinks if you are curious.

I don’t know an SEO professional worth their salt who doesn’t love to talk about the latest and greatest developments in the algorithm.

But if you are constantly questioning whether your SEO is doing a good enough job, you either need to re-evaluate your goals or fire the SEO.

In the end, you’ll both be happier.

Tony Wright

Tony Wright
CEO at WrightIMC via Search Engine Journal

 / March 25, 2019

Why is SEO important for Small Business -Simple Explanation

Why is SEO important for Small Business -Simple Explanation

No Lie SEO Guy

If you have a business website – social media presence – videos or sell products online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help your business grow by getting you found where people are searching for you.

Simply put, It’s because your customers are searching online for your products and services and they rarely go past page 1.  So, being found on page 1 with a relevant search term is powerful and will ensure more customers contacting your business 1st.

Tip: Not many people look beyond page. Even less goto page 2. Multiple Google and industry studies have shown this to be true.


SEO’s Vetting other SEO Providers

SEO’s Vetting other SEO Providers

I’ve had the unique opportunity to vet hundreds of SEO providers over the past 13 years. Of those hundreds, only a few have stood out in my mind as exemplary.


When I say stand out. I’m referring to how well they actually got a site ranked whether Locally or Nationally.

I recently had to opportunity to work with a firm called Marketer’s Center. They get my thumb up approval.

My Brother (also an SEO) recommended them to me after I told him I was expanding and needed to hire some folks to help me out.  After thoroughly researching the results his clients got, I reached out to the CEO who was very helpful answering my exact questions. he was honest, to the point and not pushy- I later received a letter in the mail (Yes, actual old fashioned snail mail) offering a well thought out plan of attack for my clients in competitive markets.  I’ll be honest that impressed me..

If you are an SEO and need Local SEO services fulfilled affordably.. Check these guys out  at www.Marketerscenter.com

I’m going to use them again.



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