The other week, I had a customer ask me if there is a way to stop Google from asking their customers or visitors to confirm their visits in Google Maps. As far as I know, there is no way to do that from the Google My Business venue end.
We’ve probably all seen it before, where Google Maps knows you went somewhere and asks you to confirm it using the Google Maps app. Here is one example:

Why would a venue want to disable this from showing up to their patrons? Well, maybe the place is an exclusive place that they don’t want people talking about? Maybe they don’t want the publicity yet? Maybe there is a form of modesty around the venue? There can be numerous reasons. But at the same time, when someone uses Google Maps to find the place because they are explicitly searching for it, they do want to come up.
I asked around and there is no way for a venue to say do not show the prompts to confirm such visits.

Not that I know of. @GuideTwit might know
— Mike Blumenthal (@mblumenthal) February 18, 2019

Venues can’t control push notifications
— Tim Capper (@GuideTwit) February 18, 2019
But one hack would be to trick the place by using one of those Google Beacons but that sounds dangerous to me:

I guess they could request a Google Beacon and set it up in innacessible location, then move the pin marker to correspond.That would resolve push notifications but visitors may not be amused 🤔🤔
— Tim Capper (@GuideTwit) February 18, 2019
Do you have any ideas?
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