Takeaki Kanaya works with the Google webmaster team in the Google Japan/Tokyo office, he is like the John Mueller or Gary Illyes from that region. His birthday was the other day and he shared a picture of himself on Twitter with his birthday cake on his face.
Now, to be fair, I do not know if this was at Google or with friends and family outside of Google. But it is funny nevertheless.
Here is his tweet, the translation doesn’t come out so good:

誕生日を祝ってもらいました!顔にケーキ🍰が塗りたくられているように見えるのは気のせいです。みんな喜んで塗りたくって来たなんてことはありません!でも顔からいい匂いがするのは事実です(笑)。 pic.twitter.com/fNeukRcHVB
— 金谷 武明 Takeaki Kanaya (@jumpingknee) July 18, 2018
A very happy birthday to you Takeaki Kanaya!
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