We all know that Danny Sullivan joined Google in part to help with communication issues with Google internally and the outside world. But that doesn’t mean Danny is yet ready to respond to questions.
Danny already shared stuff no one outside of Google knew, including the Google Ranking Fair. He might not yet be ready to know what Google wants him to talk about and not to talk about. He is still undergoing training, learning about things and understanding the sensitivity of what Google can and cannot talk about publicly.
Until then, he said, Google’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes are your go to people for webmaster and publisher questions. In fact, I don’t know if John Mueller and Gary Illyes will have their roles changed at all. I suspect Danny will be more on the public policy side and less on the webmaster side, but I am not 100% sure, as I am sure most people aren’t.
Danny wrote on Twitter two messages to those seeking help on their Google issues:

For publisher stuff, @JohnMu and @methode are best first point of contacts at the moment.
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) October 20, 2017

Not quite yet. I’m still figuring out how things all work internally. Try @JohnMu or @methode who might be about to route you right
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) October 20, 2017
So hold off for some time – how long? I am not sure. Will he ever be able to answer these specific questions? I am not sure either. Time will tell.
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