Yesterday I announced that we posted the full agenda for the upcoming SphinnCon Israel SEO conference. If you have not registered yet, make sure to go register now, before it is too late.
The agenda has 10 sessions, two sessions going on at once. It is the first time we are running this event from 9am to 6pm. In the past, the event typically ran for half a day.
We have some of the best speakers at the show. Most speakers are from Israel, thus bringing their expertise of how to run and operate an SEO, SEM, social media, web development and related company in Israel. The conference, for the most part, will be delivered in English but we will have a single Hebrew SEO panel given in Hebrew.
Chris Sherman, Executive Editor Search Engine Land & President of Searchwise who chairs many of the official Search Marketing Expo (SMX) events will be joining us at SphinnCon this year.
Google is sending a search quality representative from their Dublin office to speak and answer questions as well.
Here is a list of our confirmed speakers:
Eli Feldblum, CTO & Founder, RankAbove
Oren Shatz, Chairman, SEO Israel Technologies Ltd.
Ziv Dascalu, Founder, WiseImpact
Miriam Schwab, CEO, illuminea
Gil Reich, Answers.com
Thomas Bindl, Founder and CEO of Refined Labs
Ophir Cohen, CEO, Universal Mccann Search
Charlie Kalech, Director, J-Town Productions
Dan Perach, Co-Founder, PPCPROZ
Adir Regev, CEO of GO Internet Markting
Gilad Sasson, Search Marketing Analyst at nekuda.co.il
Sam Michaelson, Five Blocks
Shira Abel, Abel Communications
Dan Gerstenfeld, Lecturer at JCT & CEO of Interteam
Menachem Rosenbaum, TENS-Technology
Gab Goldenberg, SEO ROI
Ofer Dascalu, CEO & Founder, WiseImpact
Branko Rihtman, Whiteweb
Dixon Jones, Managing Director of Receptional Ltd.
Yehoshua Coren, Founder and Principal of Analytics Ninja
Daniel Waisberg, Founder of Conversion Journey
Yam Regev, CEO at Compass Internet Solutions
Olivier Amar, Independent Marketing Consultant, PointUp Media
Barry Schwartz, CEO of RustyBrick
Chris Sherman, Executive Editor Search Engine Land & President of Searchwise
Kelli Brown, Owner of Pixel/Point Press
Oren Todoros, CEO of OrenTodoros.com
Kevin Gibbons, founder and Director of Search at SEOptimise
Tal Siach, Founder of Walyou.com & Social Media Strategist
To Be Announced, Google Search Quality Strategist from Google Dublin Office
For a complete agenda, see the SphinnCon Israel web site.
I would like to thank our sponsors:
Plus I’d like to thank my personal advisors for the event. They include (in no specific order) Olivier Amar, Branko Rihtman, Gilad Sasson, Mayer Reich, Michael Barnett, Roi Hildesheimer and Ophir Cohen. And of course, I’d like to thank the Third Door Media and Search Marketing Expo team for all their help.
Finally, thank you to all those who have already registered for the event. This will be our largest event to date. So thank you!
If you have not registered yet, please do so asap, before it is too late. You can register at my site now.

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