Google released their Google Home Hub, the one with the display, and after playing with it for a week, I discovered that currently, the speakable markup created for Google Assistant and Google Home is not supported on the Google Home Hub model. Instead, Google tries to send you to YouTube videos for news content on the Hub.
As you know, I invested a lot of time setting up speakable markup and also adding the content to my stories every day. But when you ask the Google Home Hub, it does not work.
As I explained in my Google Home Hub: An SEO perspective story at Search Engine Land – it simply brings up irrelevant videos on YouTube.
Here is how it works on the Google Home without the display – pretty slick no?
[embedded content]
Here is how it fails on the Google Home Hub:
[embedded content]
I asked Google’s team on this and they confirmed that speakable is currently not supported on the Google Home Hub. So now, do I need to make short videos for each of my pieces of content and post them on YouTube?
My Search Engine Land story goes into more of the SEO related differences between the hub and normal voice only version, so check it out.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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