I’ve had the unique opportunity to vet hundreds of SEO providers over the past 13 years. Of those hundreds, only a few have stood out in my mind as exemplary.


When I say stand out. I’m referring to how well they actually got a site ranked whether Locally or Nationally.

I recently had to opportunity to work with a firm called Marketer’s Center. They get my thumb up approval.

My Brother (also an SEO) recommended them to me after I told him I was expanding and needed to hire some folks to help me out.  After thoroughly researching the results his clients got, I reached out to the CEO who was very helpful answering my exact questions. he was honest, to the point and not pushy- I later received a letter in the mail (Yes, actual old fashioned snail mail) offering a well thought out plan of attack for my clients in competitive markets.  I’ll be honest that impressed me..

If you are an SEO and need Local SEO services fulfilled affordably.. Check these guys out  at www.Marketerscenter.com

I’m going to use them again.



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