What if you can test your SEO intelligence by asking the Google Assistant? Well, former Googler, Pedro Dias put together a Google Assistant app named SEO Challenge that does just that. You can ask your Google Home or the Google Assistant “OK Google, talk to SEO Challenge” and it should start asking you questions. There is a total of 40 questions it can ask you, and you are given only 20 for each round.
If you are having issues with invoking it with your voice, you can send it to your device by going directly to this page.
The Google Assistant app “is a great way to assess your knowledge in one of the most important areas in Digital Marketing,” Pedro wrote. You should be able to trigger it using “Ask SEO Challenge” or “Speak to SEO Challenge” or “Talk to SEO Challenge.” It is supported on Android 6.0+ TVs, Google Home, Android 5.0+ phones, iOS 10.0+ devices and Chromebook.

Do you like SEO challenges?Do you have a Google Assistant device set to English?Try the SEO Challenge quiz. You can invoke it with [OK Google, talk to SEO Challenge] pic.twitter.com/GZ0ZKVGtAX
— Pedro Dias (@pedrodias) July 6, 2018
Have fun with it!
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