We heard this would be coming back 6 months ago and now it is finally here – 16 months worth of data not just in the Google Search Console beta user interface but now also in the Search Analytics API within Google Search Console.
Developers, webmasters and others can now get their Search Analytics data from Google Search Console programmatically using the API and go as far back as 16-months ago!
Google announced this on Twitter yesterday and many were super happy about this:

If you’re using the Search Console Search Analytics #API, you now have access to all 16 months of data provided in the UI! If you’d like to integrate the data with your CMS or make your own tools, check out our docs athttps://t.co/cqVVyHIbUp
— Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) June 18, 2018
So instead of just 3 months (90 days) of data, you now get a full 16-months worth of data!
Forum discussion at Twitter and Google Webmaster Help.

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