This week in search we posted our monthly Google webmaster report, it is a good way to catch up on the past month of Google stuff. Google may have done search ranking algorithm updates on both March 5th and March 1st. Moz released an update to their domain authority score which is causing some SEOs to freak out about their Google rankings. Google has another introductory video on JavaScript and SEO. Gary Illyes from Google spoke about image search at PubCon. Google said there is no SEO benefit for hosting images on your own domain nannie. Google explained why you might not rank for your own brand name. Google said they ignore keywords in CSS files. Google said redirecting a domain with lots of links won’t help you. Google launched a new automobile knowledge panel. Did you know Wikipedia lost 21% of their traffic after Google launched featured snippets? Google launched popular products carousels in their snippets. Google seemed to have dropped the in-depth articles. Google launched Shoppable Ads in image search. Google Assistant can now call restaurants to book a table. BingBot crawls your site and also verifies your site in Bing Webmaster Tools. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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