This morning there may have been a new algorithm update impacting search rankings in Google. Google confirmed there is an issue they have fixed or are still fixing around news content not being indexed and ranked fast enough. Google said they are going to review some medical and health search results after the Google Medic Update. Google said they do not use BBB or other trust memberships and scores as direct ranking signals in their algorithm. Google quality raters guidelines are not a one-to-one relationship to the search ranking algorithm. Google Search Console got a new search appearance filter for event listings. Google updated their PageSpeed Insights tool with more lighthouse data. They also launched web.dev to help developers build more modern sites, it scores your SEO too. Google said alt image attributes are used a bit for web ranking. Google said just link naturally and don’t let it worry you but at the same time, if you are worried, use a nofollow. Google My Business app got a complete revamp with tons of new features, in addition on the web site they broke out categories. Google Local panel now has a link to “see other locations.” Google is testing showing the publishers URLs in search instead of the Google AMP URL. The Google Dance name is being retired but Google will stop host webmaster events. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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