It was a slower week than the norm, but that is to be expected with it being the July 4th holiday this week. I published the monthly Google webmaster report, so catch up on the month over there. Google issued a clarification around the Speed Update, which says again, only the slowest sites would be impacted. There were rumors of a Google algorithm update coming soon. Google says they mostly stopped crawling URLs from the old AJAX crawling scheme. There is a new tool to test your Google Maps spammy reviews. Google My Business released a new insights report that shows query data. Google says use self-referential hreflang. Google updated their official hreflang documentation. Data Studio now also supports 16 months of Search Analytics data. Google is testing clickable URLs in the search results. The SEO industry had more fun with another article from BuzzFeed on article links. Wired covered Google’s evil unicorn, or keyword voids. Google asks you how long have you been using AdWords. And we have an SEO quiz on the Google Assistant. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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