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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Update, Mobile First Rollout, More Search Console Data & More

Oct 30, 2017 | Local SEO

Show up In All The Cities You Service.

Google might be rolling out a new search ranking algorithm change now, we will keep watching it. Google said the mobile first index is live for a few sites but will never stop rolling out. Google does push this mobile first index live on the host level, not the page by page level. Google probably will launch the year worth of data with the Google Search Console beta release. Google said pruning content never really helped with Panda. Google said save working on duplicate content issues for a rainy day. Don’t serve soft 404 pages for malware fixes. Google measures reserver response time in milliseconds. Google is pushing out the people also ask box more widely now. Google said don’t use the link report tool for real time monitoring. Google launched the book a room button in the local panel. Google seems to be rolling out the Q&A feature on desktop. Google has integrated booking partners into Google My Business, Google local now shows “inside this place.” Google AdWords announced new Showcase shopping ads for the holidays. Google will share revenue with news publishers, some say as much as 30%. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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