This week in search I published our monthly Google webmaster report. There may be a big Google search algorithm shift happening today, carrying over from earlier this week. Google also may have updated their local ranking algorithms on August 22nd. Google has opened up the Search Console beta to more testers, we shared some more screen shots. Google tells tool makers to build mobile to desktop comparison tool.s Google is now showing featured snippets linking to AMP pages. Google AdWords is going to roll out AMP landing pages. Publishers are teasing AMP content that links to the mobile version. Google said they ignore tons of links but which ones are impossible for you to know. Google said their number one ranking factor is awesomeness. Google said just because you are not spamming, it doesn’t mean you should rank well. Google +1s were never a ranking factor. Google said big sites don’t rank better. Google said not being in the cache is not a low quality signal. Google is updating their SEO starter guide after seven years. Google featured snippets is testing query expansion refinements. Google app links now show mobile site alternative buttons. Google now lets businesses edit their local listings directly in search. Google Hotel search shows carousels for room types. Google Analytics now updated a code change to better track your AMP vs non-AMP pages. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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