Whoa – it was a big week – Google confirmed and named an algorithm update March 2019 Core Update despite some wanting to call it the Florida 2 Update. There is a lot of speculation around what this update was about, so we created a survey asking you to help us analyze this update. Google said there were really no big changes to the in-depth articles, but it appears there were. Google and Bing both said their search quality raters do not directly influence their search rankings. Bing said they have hundreds, if not thousands, of features in their ranking models. Google explained how they select dates for the search results snippets, but if you see issues, do let them know. Google is testing a portrait mode for the top stories carousel. Google increased the number of images showing up in the mobile search result snippets. Google posted another useful video on JavaScript and SEO. Google can and does automatically create domain properties for you in Search Console. Google is killing off Property Sets on March 28th. Google can show you the dictionary words you searched for in search. Google is testing a black ad label. Google removed 2.3 billion bad ads from their ad network in 2018. Google My Business launched a new “unlock your plan” feature in their dashboard. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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