This week we covered what appears to be a targeted Google update that happened on Halloween. Google investigated publisher complaints around Google News and said they will release an update in the upcoming weeks to address some of them. Many SEOs now turn to EAT and the Google quality raters guidelines instead of links and PageRank. Google gives different advice for many reasons, here is one on removing versus improving low quality content. Google wants your feedback on how to improve the search results snippets. GoogleBot is closing in on modern browsers, which is a good thing for indexing. Google complained more details on lazy loaded scrolling events, it was super interesting. Google cache is showing some people the mobile version of the site. Google says you should fill in the meta descriptions on your pages. The Google Home Hub does not support speakable markup and it is pretty embarrassing. Google My Business added a setting to stop the Google Assistant from calling you. Google My Business also dropped addresses for businesses that use service areas. Google has redesigned their hotel search results. Bing Ads sunset version 11 of their ads API. Google AdSense added a quality feature to require sites to be verified. Google’s mobile home page now has the discover feed on it. Matt Cutts was interviews on the Internet History Podcast and the SEO community should all listen to it. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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