This week, we covered both a possible Google search and Bing search algorithm update. Bing said only a few people at Bing really understand how core ranking works there. Google Search Console is sending alerts for big traffic changes. Google’s search algorithm does adjust for YMYL types of queries. Google released a white paper with some interesting search tidbits. Google also said they do adjust algorithms for query types but not industries. Google does not use CTR data for core ranking. Google featured snippets study shows that these don’t change too much. Google Discover Feed filters may come to Google Search Console performance reports. Google said do not tag internal links with UTM parameters. Google said they are trying to speed up from when they crawl to when they render the page. Google says SEOs do not manipulate Google, they manipulate web sites. Google said the UX playbooks are specific to search ads. Google Images is testing images in related searches. Google Maps edits are too easy to manipulate and harm businesses with. Google turned back on the Google Assistant calls in Google My Business. Google Ads now will show mobile page speed scores more often. Google Ads fixed a bug with the ad preview tool. Google has a new way to submit questions for webmaster office hangouts. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.
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