Will Jacobsen shared on Twitter a GIF of the walkthrough of how NBC News does have AMP pages, they do rank in the top stories carousel in the Google mobile results, but the content is only a sampling of what you’d get on the full mobile version of the page.
It is like NBC is teasing searchers to go from their AMP page and then pushing them to their full mobile site. Of course, NBC is able to better control monetization on their mobile site than on AMP. I lot of publishers prefer to have the user go to their mobile site over AMP but the only way to rank in the carousel is to have AMP.
Here is the tweet with the GIF showing this tactic off:

Some publishers are strategically using AMP to appear in organic results, and still drive visitors to their own domain. #amp @rustybrick pic.twitter.com/HbBQGxchz2
— Will Jacobsen (@WillieJay22) September 2, 2017
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