You hire an SEO to typically improve how much qualified traffic your web site gets. With the aim of driving more conversions and revenue for your business. But do SEOs give guarantees on such performance? The answer is typically no.
Martin McDonald posted a poll on Twitter asking if SEOs provide any sort of guarantee in uplift with their client engagements.
There were over 700 responses and it turns out 83% of those who responded said they do not offer any sort of guarantees. Here is the Twitter poll:

SEOs of Twitter:Offering a guaranteed uplift in your SEO services:(of any amount, 2%, 200%, whatever)
— Martin MacDonald (@searchmartin) December 17, 2018
In fact, most think it is a “bad idea.”
Since SEOs really do not control the Google search ranking – only really Google does – I don’t blame them not offering guarantees.
What do you all think?
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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