Moz announced massive improvements to how they calculate their Domain Authority, DA, scores. I wrote about the “controversy” around the score at Search Engine Land yesterday. I included a lot of your reaction to the announcement and now I want to poll you all about if you think the score is helpful or hurtful to SEOs in our industry.
I described why I am not a fan of DA several months ago in my story named Google Can’t Get Away From PageRank, Blame Moz Domain Authority. But that really doesn’t answer the poll if it is helpful or hurtful.
Go read the Moz announcement, read Russ Jones in defense of domain authority, read my Search Engine Land recap on the topic and then take my poll.
If you don’t like to read, take the poll anyway. I am very curious what the industry thinks overall about DA:

Moz Domain Authority (DA) Helpful or Hurtful To SEOs?

You can also see my Twitter thread for some of the industry responses around DA.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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