Ah, the podcast.
Despite the status of being your marketing knight in shining armor — meant to equip listeners with marketing brilliance and algorithm-resistant strategies — podcasts often go underappreciated in the link building world.
Just like video link building, podcast link building is meant to be an extension of your brand — though, similarly, you can promote it alone. Think:
Social amplification.
Feel the Link Love
Look at HubSpot’s Growth Show blog post after the podcast was live. Did you notice the high-quality links?
Or, check out Buffer’s podcast and show notes afterward.
And, don’t forget about Search Engine Journal’s Search Engine Nerds podcast! After each airing, SEJ posts a recap filled with quality links.
Build Links & Authority
Perhaps the biggest selling point for me is the increased exposure as an authority in your specific industry.
Podcasts give you the opportunity to talk directly to your target audience.
I’ll be honest: Depending on the podcast, you might not get the same payoff you would from creating data-driven content or high-quality content.
But damn, it’s more exciting than anything I’ve seen in a long time — and for free, I’m willing to wager it’s the coolest link building tactic you’ll find in the coming years.
How to Pitch a Podcast
To secure a spot of an interview, do your research. Take a look into the topics they are covering to find a gap that may not have been discussed yet.
Make your email pitch relevant to the podcast and address people by their first name.
Here’s an example:
Hey there, Danny
I love the new brand image for Search Engine Nerds! I was recently listening to Loren Baker on his link building strategies and noticed he gave me a shout out. Thanks! Would you be interested in featuring me in an upcoming podcast?
Here are some topic ideas:
How to Conduct a Technical SEO Audit
How to Perform a Content Audit
How to do SEO for a Podcast
I’d be happy to send additional topics. I would really love an opportunity to work together.
Please email me back if you’re interested in collaborating. Thanks, Danny!
Anna Banana
Timeframe: Every 3 months
Results detected: 4-12 months
Average podcasts per month: 1
Manual search using search operators like inurl:”marketing podcast”
BuzzStream (or Pitchbox)
Bananatag (or Yesware)
Podcasts improve the diversity of your link profile.
Podcasts increase your authority and trust not only on search engines, but to your potential audience.

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