This past month in Google webmaster and SEO news was pretty busy. We had a Halloween search algorithm update that still seems to be creeping around. We also had another few updates including Google saying they are going to make tweaks to the news algorithm. Google+ is shutting down, Google launched their Home Hub and discover feed and so much more.
We saw numerous Google updates this past month, listed below. We saw Google try to address some of those who were hit. Google shared a bunch of SEO advice as well. Google Search Console stats feature is rolling out now. And there is just so much more.
The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread still has SEOs and webmasters chattering about the Halloween update, it seems very unstable right now and things are currently in flux there.
If you missed last month’s report, see over here.
Here is the recap of the more important stories for the past 30-days or so:
Google Algorithm Updates:

Google SEO:

Google Search Console:

Google Assistant:

Google User Interface:

Google Local:
Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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