A study of US consumers reveals how they’re using voice assistants, and what types of products they’re buying.
OnBuy.com analyzed findings from ‘VoiceBot.AI’, who surveyed 1,203 U.S. consumers to better understand the products and services they buy the most using a voice-assistant.
In addition, the study identifies consumers’ biggest likes and concerns about voice shopping.
According to the survey data, 25% of respondents say everyday household items are the most ordered through voice-assistants.
The next most common product purchases, according to 21% of respondents, are apparel and entertainment.

Consumers are least likely to use a voice assistant to find local service providers, such as a hair cutting or dry-cleaning outlet, with only 3.52% currently doing so.
The aspect U.S. consumers most like about using a voice-assistant to shop, according to 27% of respondents, is that they can do so hands-free.
Another 20% of respondents say they appreciate the convenience of shopping with a voice assistant.

Many US shoppers, 31% of respondents, say they’re not entirely comfortable with shopping through a voice assistant.
Further, 23.35% of respondents don’t feel it is safe enough to disclose payment information over a voice assistant.
Only 14.54% of consumers are confident enough to buy consumer electronics using a voice-assistant
According to statistics from digital agency ‘Salmon,’ 55% of American consumers already claim to enjoy shopping via voice-activated devices.
Cas Paton, the Managing Director of OnBuy.com commented:

“Voice has established itself as the next major frontier in commerce… This study certainly shows that Americans are already using voice to research and purchase goods from several product and service categories. With the technology only set to improve, voice search will gradually evolve to provide a seamless experience and become a reliable shopping avenue for consumers.”

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