Google just announced a new feature in the beta Google Search Console called the URL inspection tool. This tool basically gives you insight into a specific single URL on how Google indexed that version of that a specific page.
Google said it “provides detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your pages, directly from the Google index.” The information it provides includes AMP errors, structured data errors, and indexing issues. There is a large help document from Google that shows what specifically this tool does but here are some screen shots:

One with errors:

I personally do not see this feature live yet but Google said “we began rolling it out today; it will become available to all users in the coming weeks.”
Check out the help document for many more details.

The all new URL inspection dog found its way to Search Console! Wanna know more? Snoop around this blog post and have some patience until it’s rolled out to your accounts! https://t.co/z8E1bzprP6
— Gary “鯨理” Illyes (@methode) June 25, 2018
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