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New Google AdWords Add-On For Google Sheets

Jun 5, 2018 | Local SEO

Show up In All The Cities You Service.

Google quietly announced on Twitter a new tool for AdWords that lets you quickly import your Google AdWords data into Google Sheets. It is a Google Chrome app that you can download and use.
The AdWords add-on for Google Sheets makes it easy for you to create, run, and update your AdWords reports in Google Sheets. Get all the benefits of Google Sheets’ powerful data manipulation and presentation capabilities when reporting on your AdWords performance. It lets you do things like this:
Quickly and easily create AdWords reports in Google Sheets.
Choose columns and apply filters in the reports. 
Refresh reports quickly, instead of running multiple reports and copying and pasting data.
Share reports with your team. 
View, create, and modify report definitions from within Google Sheets.
Pivot your report data in Google Sheets. 

For more details on how to use this add-on, check out the help center and to add it to Chrome go here.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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