A number of new features are likely on the way to Google Search Console, according to code discovered in the interface.
JR Oakes uncovered some unannounced features by digging through Google Search Console’s JavaScript code.
He posted what he found in the code on Twitter.
Based on his findings, the following reports may soon be added to Search Console.
Page Speed Report
A report dedicated to page speed looks like it’s on the way to Search Console.

Speed (I can’t wait for this):/search-console/speed/search-console/speed/drilldownNot live yet.
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Of course, Google offers other tools for measuring page speed, but that involves testing individual URLs one-by-one.
Perhaps this will be a report with all of a site’s URLs and their corresponding speed?
We’ll have to wait and see when the report goes live.
Oakes also discovered this information, which could be related to metrics included in the upcoming page speed report.

Speed:Not sure if this is related to the new speed section of GSC, or their internal GSC measurements, but cool metrics nonetheless to understand. pic.twitter.com/aiG5tv2rSP
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

AMP Articles
This seems pretty self-explanatory–a report dedicated to the performance of AMP articles

Amp Articles:/search-console/amp-articles/search-console/amp-articles/drilldownNot Live(?)
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Google Discover Performance
Site owners will soon be able to analyze how their pages are performing in Google Discover.
That’s the section that appears underneath the search box on Google’s home page on mobile devices.
According to JR Oakes, this is already live but does not contain any data yet.

Performance on Google Discover:/search-console/performance/discoverLive (anyone with data?) pic.twitter.com/O8PxksrNMp
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Child-Direct Content Report
Search Console has added a report for pages that are tagged as being geared toward children.
JR Oakes says this report is already live.

Child-Directed Content:/search-console/coppaLive
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Expanded Support for Structured Data/Rich Cards
According to Oakes’ findings, Search Console may soon be reporting on the following types of structured data:

Structured Data/ Rich Cards:Courses, Events, How-to, Jobs, Movies, Recipes, Amp-Articles, Lenslets, Local Business, FAQ, Articles, Lists, Breadcrumbs, JobsAdditional: Factcheck, Q/A, Product
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Opt-Out of Google Search Sections
Using Search Console, site owners will be able to remove their page from Shopping, Flights, Hotels, and Local.

Opt-Out:You can remove your site from: Shopping, Flights, Hotels, and Local(?)./search-console/opt-out
— JR Oakes 🍺 (@jroakes) February 14, 2019

Those are all the features SEOs can look forward to seeing in Google Search Console.

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