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Matt Cutts Surprises SMX

Jun 13, 2018 | Local SEO

Show up In All The Cities You Service.

Towards the end of the Google keynote, Michelle Robbins while on stage announces a special friend of the SEO industry is here to say hi. I was thinking it was either Matt Cutts or Danny Sullivan, and out walks Matt Cutts. He said he was in the neighborhood and was able to stop by before his flight out.
It was a huge surprise, the audience loved it and for those who know Matt Cutts – many actually teared up. As you know, he has been through so much recently and we all just want the best for him.
It was so nice to see him, see him on stage, in his element. It was honestly an emotional moment for many in our industry.
Here is a photo of when Matt walked in and surprised everyone:

Here is a photo of when Michelle gave Matt the Search Engine Land lifetime achievement award for all has has done for the search community. Look at his face:

Here is one of the few, actually maybe only, photo I have with Matt and myself – I believe. Yea, I’ve known Matt since 2002, hard to believe we don’t have a photo together like this:

I like to remind everyone, please take 10 minutes to share a story of how Matt Cutts has helped you at mattcutts.org – he said himself how much he appreciates the comments there.

I’m glad I got to thank you in person. The site you made has meant so much to me.
— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) June 12, 2018
Here are some more photos and videos:
SMX Advanced 2018 | Matt Cutts Surprises #SMX!
And he talked about how much of a difference one can make by working for the US government and urged folks to give it a 3-6 month try by applying here.
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