Matt Cutts left Google over 4 years ago, well officially 22 months ago, but really 4+ years ago. Yesterday he came back to give a talk about the USDS, the US Digital Services team and how they use technology to improve American’s lives. Matt now leads up that team, after joining the team in June 2016.
One of his biggest challenges is getting good people to work in the government, specifically in his team. Which I think is why he was talking at Google, to recruit. Which I always find interesting, why would Google want someone going to their home to recruit people away from Google? But I guess in this case, it is a good cause
Here are photos from Danny Sullivan on Twitter who was in the talk.

It’s homecoming for @MattCutts as he tell us of his post-Google life at @USDS & the challenges of making the government’s digital services work better for its constituents. pic.twitter.com/BzwScRz2NU
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) November 7, 2018
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