Google’s Martin Splitt announced on Twitter that Google is starting a new video series around JavaScript and SEO. He said “they are coming out now, you definitely want to stay tuned.” You can watch them on the the Google Webmaster YouTube channel.
Here is the post on Twitter:

🎥 JavaScript SEO video series 🎥https://t.co/WOJudKzRhwI’m excited to announce that I’m hosting a JavaScript SEO series & the very first “welcome” video has been released! Videos on #react, #angular, #vue and more in the coming weeks 🎈Happy to hear your thoughts! 🙆 pic.twitter.com/v6i34M8isT
— Martin Splitt @ 🇨🇭🏠 (@g33konaut) February 28, 2019
Here is the video embed of the announcement:
[embedded content]
Here is the transcript:

Hi and welcome.
So, are you interested in JavaScript and SEO? Because if you are, I got good news.
We are having an entire series of videos on both these topics, here on this channel – Google Webmasters. So they are coming out now, you definitely want to stay tuned.

Makes me wonder what happened to the SEO Snippets series – the last video they published on that was a long time ago and they only published less than 10 videos.
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