Last week, Google launched the new Google My Business Agency Dashboard which promised to offer local SEO agencies a way to “manage multiple listings faster, simpler and more intuitively.” But no, from what I hear, it is super buggy and not ready for prime time yet.
Local SEO, Joy Hawkins said “it’s the worst.” She is complaining about the migration path and how long that takes plus the bugs.

It’s the WORST. I started migrating this morning and luckily we don’t have hundreds of clients but it’s still a giant pain.
— Joy Hawkins (@JoyanneHawkins) June 12, 2018
Brodie Clark said the new dashboard is “giving us a headache.”

Is anyone else having issues with the new @GoogleMyBiz Agency Dashboard? Giving us a headache 🤕
— Brodie Clark (@brodieseo) June 12, 2018
Brodie also wrote this blog post with some of his issues.

For those wondering. My current list of issues with the GMB Agency Dashboard (part 1):- Migrating a location forces you to be come the primary owner booting the business owner to a manager.- Your employees can’t be added until they empty their GMB account. https://t.co/paizCEtPYI
— Joy Hawkins (@JoyanneHawkins) June 13, 2018
Keep in mind, this is brand new, and with much of the new things Google releases – bugs are expected. Give Google time, hopefully it will get better soon.
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