LinkedIn has released a list of professional skills that companies need most in 2019.
There are 50,000 professional skills in the world, according to LinkedIn data.
The company has combed through its data to determine the hard skills and soft skills that are most valuable this year.

“These are the skills your boss and your boss’s boss find most valuable, but have a hard time finding – and the skills that’ll most help you better serve your clients and customers.”

Those who are looking to improve their skill set this year could consider this data a starting point.
Most In-Demand Soft Skills
According to LinkedIn data, 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills.
Here’s what they need most and why:
Creativity: Organizations most need creative employees who can conceive the solutions of tomorrow.
Persuasion: The key to having a great product is persuading people to buy into it.
Collaboration: As projects grow increasingly more complex, effective collaboration is becoming more important.
Adaptability: An adaptable mind is an essential tool for navigating today’s ever-changing world.
Time Management: Mastering time management today will serve you the rest of your career.
Most In-Demand Hard Skills
To no surprise, many of the most valuable hard skills are those that can be utilized in today’s increasingly digital world.
Here’s are the top 5 skills companies need most and why:
Cloud Computing: Companies are desperately searching for engineers who have the skills to accommodate a shift toward the cloud.
Artificial Intelligence: Data suggest that the age of AI has arrived.
Analytical Reasoning: Companies are hungry for professionals who can make smart decisions based on vast arrays of data.
People Management: Companies are shifting toward having leaders who can coach and empower powers.
UX Design: This is is the key to making a digital world work for humans.
Here are the rest of the most in-demand hard skills in order:
Mobile Application Development
Video Production
Sales Leadership
Audio Production
Natural Language Processing
Scientific Computing
Game Development
Social Media Marketing
Business Analysis
Digital Marketing
Industrial Design
Competitive Strategies
Customer Service Systems
Software Testing
Data Science
Computer Graphics
Corporate Communications
LinkedIn measured demand by identifying the skills listed on the LinkedIn profiles of people who are getting hired at the highest rates. Only cities with 100,000 LinkedIn members were included.
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