With the closure of Google+ just around the corner, Google’s John Mueller is experimenting with ways to communicate new up and coming webmaster office hour hangouts on YouTube Live. Previously he used Google+ to collect the questions, before that there was a feature called Google Moderator and now there is not much.
In short, John wants a way for webmasters/developers/SEOs to submit questions and have webmasters/developers/SEOs vote on them.
John posted about this on Twitter saying:

I set up next week’s office hours hangouts on YouTube & was wondering why nobody submitted any questions there. Turns out, you can only comment on YT videos once they’re up 🤦. Anyone have suggestions for collecting questions for these? 🙂 Thanks!https://t.co/UiOrRXrTe7
— 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) February 15, 2019
You can see the list of upcoming hangouts on the calendar at the bottom of this page and also see it on the YouTube page with the live stream filter on.
I guess we will see how these adapt over time – it has changed a couple times in the past and I am sure it will change in the future. If one thing we know about Google is that change is something they are not afraid of.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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