I saw several tweets in the past 24-hours or so from people about a new Google search feature, well, not new, but maybe a new treatment, where the related searches show in a box, with icons, towards the bottom of the search results page. Previously, at least based on my tests, I see that top carousel slider showing that content across the top of the search results.
So for example, a search on [adobe programs] returns the carousel at the top, which is not new:

But what folks like @MordyOberstein, @i_praveensharma and @ramesh_s_bisht see is the box towards the bottom:

Getting related search from past few days. Is Google testing again?CC @i_praveensharma @rustybrick pic.twitter.com/pwyy8hw0Ir
— Ramesh Singh (@ramesh_s_bisht) May 30, 2018

Has anyone seen this ‘Related Search’ carousel at the bottom of the search results page on Google?#SEO #SERPcc: @rustybrick pic.twitter.com/AowxLQy3oH
— Praveen Sharma (@i_praveensharma) May 29, 2018
For all of these, I see the carousel at the top of the page.
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