In the latest update to Instagram users can now share stories to their own story when they’ve been mentioned by other users.
This is the first time Instagram has allowed users to share other people’s stories publicly.
Previously, sharing another user’s stories could only be done via direct message.
Now users can share stories with everyone when they’ve been tagged with an @mention.
When a user is mentioned in a story they will receive a direct message notification with the option to share the photo or video to their own story.
Users can add their own flair to others’ stories by editing them with text, stickers, or drawings. The account name of the original poster will also be mentioned in the story.
Only public accounts can have their stories shared. So users with private accounts can mention others without worry of their stories being made public.
Instagram recently rolled out the ability for regular posts from public accounts to be shared in stories as well. This can be done by tapping the paper plane icon underneath a post and selecting ‘Add post to story.’
Will Instagram ever introduce a native re-post feature? It’s hard to say at this point, as the network has been almost entirely focused on building up the stories functionality as of late.
There has not been an update to regular posts in quite a while, although recently there has been talk about allowing users to post longer video content of up to one hour in length.

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