Consumers conduct more than 160 billion searches per month on Google – yielding both organic and paid search results.
The Google Display Network lets you display ads on over 2 million websites and apps.
There is a huge opportunity in the Google Ads network for smart advertisers who know how to leverage PPC tools the right way.
Create a Winning PPC Strategy for 2019
Want to learn how to create a winning PPC strategy and take control of your campaigns this year?
Then join our next sponsored webinar on Wednesday, February 27 at 2 p.m. ET with Joel Bondorowsky, SEMrush PPC Academy Professor.
Bondorowsky will share actionable tips on how to develop a sustainable PPC campaign that not only boosts your traffic, but also pays for itself to become a money-making machine for the website (or app) that you’re promoting.
You will also learn more about:
How to develop a PPC campaign strategy.
Building sales funnels and testing.
Google Search Advertising.
Keyword Research.
Shopping Campaigns (PLA).
Display Advertising (GDN).
Universal App Campaigns (mobile app campaigns).
Bidding and budgeting.
Take Control of Your Paid Search Campaigns
I will host a live Q&A session following the presentation.
Learn how to create and implement a sustainable PPC strategy that drives more profit when you sign up for this webinar!

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