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How Our Geosearch Service Works

SEO has changed and so has the way people find you! Google and other search engines have evolved and so should your SEO.

How is GeoSearch Service different?

First off, is to know how old school SEO worked. Old school SEO, was based on meta-tag keywords and lots of links, which may still work on some other search engines, but no longer on Google and we all know Google is the 800 pound Gorilla setting the standard and driving the majority of search traffic. Google won’t even look at your meta-tag keywords, they only look at the structure of your page. Meta-tag keywords was the old way, the new way is page structure and on-page content.

So what is page structure?

GeoSearchSEO 1The structure of your page is the entire layout which begins with the URL string, your title, the description and above the fold content. Let’s break that down even more. Here is the info Google will show in the search results based on your page structure:

URL String:

Your URL string is the name of your page. Each page on your website has a url string, which acts as a unique name. Just like an unique address. However, here instead of having it called ‘index page’ or a long number, it’s best practices to have the keywords you are targeting incorporated in the url string.


Your title is what people will read and notice first. Here you also want to have the keywords as part of your Title since this is where Google will get your targeted keywords and geo targeted area. Google also sees the keywords targeted and searches your content, description and URL string for these same keywords.

Google wants to deliver relevancy and local results. We use the city, not because someone may or may not type it in, but because Google knows the searcher’s ip address and location, so our page targets a specific city so Google relates that to the ip address location and shows our results. Your title is ultimately your new way of telling Google what your meta-tag keywords are.. There is only enough room for 60 characters here, so space has to be used wisely.


The description is a small snippet of what your content on the page talks about. Google takes this from your page content typically from the beginning paragraph. The description is a maximum of 160 characters, so here you also want to have the keyword phrase and city mentioned, adding to your overall SEO optimized score.


Your content is a huge factor in your growth and page one stability. The more content the better, speaking naturally about your product/service and company. Google recognizes keywords from the same family or root, so the content will add to the relevancy and SEO score. We mentioned above the fold. At newsstands, you will see the morning paper folded in half. The top part that you see with the headlines, is what is known as above the fold. Same applies to a website, the text you see on your landing page visible before having to scroll down, is also known as above the fold. This is the content that has stronger weight, and your targeted keywords for this particular page must be here.

Many SEO companies tell you to blog to keep things fresh. However, the blogging pages are rarely structured properly to gain any benefit. SEO Money spent on blogging is wasted.

Besides, it’s each individual page, targeting keywords on your entire website, that needs to be fresh. Not just the blog section of your website.

So now that you know a lot more about SEO, you can definitely ‘weed’ any SEO to see if they are doing things properly.

Think about this:

If you have a 5 or 10 page website, how can an SEO target 10 keywords shared amongst your pages? Let alone all the cities you work in and want to target?….

Since there are only 60 characters in your title, multiple keyword phrases and cities can’t share this space. Also, the URL string can’t go on and on for every conceivable keyword term and city. Each page has to be dedicated to a keyword phrase and geo targeted city. This means that the only solution is to have individual pages built targeting their specific keyword term and city.

Ask your SEO how can they be effective by cramming all your targeted keywords sharing only a few pages with the title, URL String, description and above the fold content? They simply can’t, and putting the keywords only in your content will not be effective. The only way is if they build you out new pages, and if they do.. how will they keep all those pages “fresh”?

Finally, ask any SEO, that you want to target 12 cities and 25 keywords and have a page for each possible combination (12×25 = 300 combinations) and how much that will cost! This is where GeoSearch is unique. We satisfy and excel in the new way of SEO with our technology and pricing is unmatched by anyone in online marketing….

Geosearch takes a typical 5 page website to a 305 page website, with each page targeting a city and keyword phrase. It’s like casting a huge net to target your keywords in the cities you work in . We build out our page structure as described above, making your website become an authority providing Google with great page structure, fresh content and relevancy results for people searching on Google.

The 300 pages is our entry level GEO package. Packages vary going as high as 3000 pages for Nationwide coverage.

We follow Google AUP (Acceptable user practices) like the bible and constantly update our optimization based on Google latest algorithms, ensuring our clients to stay on page one and continue to grow. GeoSearch will get your website the exposure and traffic you’ve been striving for. Get huge results at the lowest cost.

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