How It Works and Frequently Asked Questions


For Trades or Service Business

Google wants to give Local Searchers the most relevant results.. Those companies who deliver that get shown 1st. NOW YOU CAN TOO >.



A Simple Example:


Let’s pretend we own a Plumbing company in Virginia Beach.

A Plumber in Virginia Beach does business in more than just their single home city. Right? 

Well, it’s pretty accurate that you would want to show up online in ALL the local cities you do business in when someone searches.  Right? 

But it’s hard to show up for ALL the Cities you work in. Right?  



WRONG!  Not if you Hire Webmatic247 for our GeoSearch Services…. 


Our services are different from the average SEOs. Our GeoSearch product creates Hundreds of  New web pages for your business that are specific to the Services and Locations you operate in.

On top of that we keep those pages fresh for Google: Which is the combination that Google desperately tries to deliver on..

Our entry package, the PowerPack200. turns your 15-page website into a 215-page website. That targets exactly the customer you want in the city location you already do business. 


We would build 200 new pages – in a combination of 10 Cities and 20 Services for your site..


Each page is made up of variation combinations of your content with all the proper Keyword targeting (SEO) built in.

ie: Targeted local keyword in the URLs – Titles – Descriptions and Content on ea page etc..)   Sort of like hundreds of perfect landing pages for every combination of cities and services you operate in.


I like to think of the business effect as being like a small fishing boat with 5 hooks in the water. Suddenly the boat turns into a giant commercial fishing vessel with Hundreds or Thousands of hooks in the water all with the perfect bait for catching your perfect type fish. (aka customers)


Some of the combinations of New web pages for our plumbing company might be:

www.YourSite.com/Emergency Plumber Virginia Beach
www.YourSite.com /Emergency Plumber Norfolk
www.YourSite.com /Emergency Plumber Chesapeake
www.YourSite.com /Hot water heater Repair Virginia Beach
www.YourSite.com /Hot water heater Repair Norfolk
www.YourSite.com /Hot water heater Repair Chesapeake
www.YourSite.com /Leak Detection Virginia Beach
www.YourSite.com /Leak Detection Norfolk
www.YourSite.com /Leak Detection Chesapeake

and so on..

Now, when a customer in say:  Norfolk searches for “Hot Water Heater Repair Norfolk” –  Your Website Shows up  & They Call You 1st! 


I’m interested in Growing American Businesses. Especially Trade and Service Business. Which is why we don’t price gouge ….




Last thing is… It works.

What kind of clients see best results?

If your small businesses needs to be found in multiple cities for the services you offer and You Are Not Visible in those searches. You may be a great fit. Many of our clients are Trades businesses and service related businesses.

How long will it take to reach page 1?
While no one can promise page 1 rankings, we generally start to see page 1 results in as little as 65 days after becoming a client. Sometimes less.

Our New Video Ranking Service (GEO-VIDS) Is even faster.,

Can I get a Discount?

YES! For every referral, you send to me that comes on board as a new GeosearchSEO customer, you get $100 off from your monthly payment for an entire year! (up to the cost of your monthly payment)

So, if you give 4 referrals and these companies come aboard,  you will actually be getting our services for $0 per month~ for up to 12 months for each referral.

& who better to refer our product? Then somebody who’s already blown away by the results…

How long will my site be down for the build?

There is NO down time for your business. We do not need to add those pages into your site. All the pages and our technology resides on our secure servers. A small piece of code is added to your site via FTP access.  That process takes just a few moments. We build out the pages in about a week and a 1/2. Sometimes longer depending on content writing wich can be proveded by you or we can have out writers do it.

How Does it Work?

But you can’t just make static pages and expect Google to take notice. This is how we are more effective and different. Our proprietary technology keeps the pages Updated and Fresh.

Google loves this fresh, relevant, content. In fact, it had a major algorithm update a couple years ago, called “Google Caffeine” where it specifically stated they want and actively look for fresh and frequent content updates. It was a big deal


You Have Just Found The Better Way!
We have perfected a method and technology that Gives Google EXACTLY what it wants. (Fresh Relevant Content)

Here’s the gist of it:

  • We build multiple City and Service targeted web pages that drives traffic. (with your sites look and feel) The new pages are kept on our secure fast servers and along with the technology we created, allows for each page’s content to be rotated dynamically per visit.
  • Now, Google sees New, Fresh, Relevant Content for the Search Engines, at every visit. and shows it on page 1. 
  • Because, All the pages are properly SEO targeted towards the city and service you work in- Customers See you 1st and Call you 1st.               AKA – Because They found you on page 1. 
  • I Just described the GeoSearchSEO 200 package to you. It is 10 Cities and 20 Keywords/Services. You can enlarge your service area if you chose a larger package.
  • The Power Pack 200  starts at just 399 per month,  It’s VERY POWERFUL.

    Finally, ask any SEO you want, to target 10 cities and 20 keywords and have a page for each possible combination (10×20 = 200 pages… And tell him you want him to keep each page fresh for the search engines continually  – Then askHow Much would that cost?

    This is where our service is unique. We satisfy and excel in the new way of SEO with our technology. Our pricing is unmatched by anyone in online marketing. We’ve been doing this for 12 years.

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