Back at SMX East, Fili Wiese spoke about Google manual actions. He said while he was at Google years ago, he was tasked in writing Google’s internal documents around search quality. He said based on his memory, those docs are a mirror on some level to the manual action help documents available publicly.
Fili Wiese worked at Google between November 2005 and August 2012, mostly with the search quality team. It has been years since he has been at Google but now he runs an SEO agency. So things may have changed over the years but the truth is, the manual actions docs have not changed too much over the past few years.
So what he is saying is that Google’s own search quality team, the people at Google who may give your site manual actions, work off a similar document from what they published publicly. This is good because you know what they are reading and making judgement calls off of.
I tweeted this so I could come back to it when I needed something to write that was useful:

@filiwiese said at #smx that he wrote the internal docs for the Google search quality team on each type of manual action, how long they last, how to assign them, etc and it mirrors on some level the public doc at https://t.co/KSGRHcmztt
— Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) October 24, 2018
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