The Performance Game is an asteroid blasting game that is based on actual Google Lighthouse scores. Martin Schierle, Mobile Solutions Consultant, Google created a game that uses your Lighthouse performance scores to generate an asteroid blasting game.
Various asteroids represent things like wasted resources, based on your Lighthouse audit. At the end of the game you can review your actual Lighthouse scores. Presumably, improving your Lighthouse scores will improve your game.
The Performance Game Announced on Twitter
Martin Schierle announced the game over Twitter. The game was first hinted at in a previous tweet in 2018.

What’s the Performance Game About?
The game is about helping to visualize performance bottlenecks. The better your Lighthouse score the more powerful your blaster becomes.  For example, if your site is secure, you’ll be awarded a shield power-up that can be obtained.
There are many details to the game:

Every level represents one reached performance metric.
Every asteroid represents one loaded resource.
The color an asteroid represents how much of the resource was used.
An orange asteroid means less than 85% of the resource is used.
A green asteroid means more than 85% of the resource is used.

All you need to know to play the game is that you first enter your URL, Lighthouse audits your site then it loads the game based on your Lighthouse scores.
How to Play The Performance Game
Playing the game is a matter of using your arrow keys. The top key powers a small space ship. The left and right keys steer the spaceship. The space bar activates your blaster with which you blast the oncoming asteroids.
The opening screen of the game requires you enter the URL to play:

This is the first screen of the Performance Game. You enter your URL and wait while Google Lighthouse does a performance audit on your site. Once the audit is done the game can begin.
Level One is based on your First Contentful Paint

Once the game begins, start blasting and moving out of the way
Collision  with an asteroid results in your spaceship exploding.

The aforementioned shield power-up is a secure lock floating through space:

Play The Performance Game
Play The Performance Game here.

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