For the past few weeks, Google has been having issues indexing or ranking Google News publishers content in Google web search and news search. Google’s Lisa Wang has said numerous times they fixed the issue, only to have to come back in and discover more issues and say those issues are resolved. Is it fixed now?
It is unclear, just 24 hours ago, Lisa Wang from Google posted in the ongoing Google News Help thread that it was fixed again:

Thanks for your patience. We believe we have resolved the issues that publishers have raised around finding their sites or particular articles in Google News. However, should you still encounter issues where you are unable to find your site or particular article in Google News despite being included, please continue to share specific examples in this forum thread.

But I still see publishers, after she posted this, complaining their content is still not showing up.
I tested the content on this site and all the stories here in the past 24 hours, even stories published minutes ago, is fully indexed and ranking in Google web search and news search. Here is one example, but I checked all of mine:

Are you having problems still?
Forum discussion at Google News Help.
Update: Even this story, within five minutes of posting it is doing well in Google:

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