After much testing, it appears that the URLs in the Google search results are now clickable. I noticed it last week, I assumed it was a continuation of the test but I still see it today as do others like Ari Roth on Twitter. I don’t think this change matters that much to any of you, but it is a change to the Google search results and I wanted to share it.

So now when you hover your mouse cursor over the green URL in the Google search results snippets, you can click on that as well as the title of the snippet.

Hey @rustybrick – just noticed that the green URLs on standard results in search are now part of the linked element along with the blue page title. Is this new? I recall the green URLs not being clickable before. pic.twitter.com/BJhTVBw15u
— Ari Roth (@aroth26) December 10, 2018
Again, I doubt this will lead to much noticeable difference to any of you – but just a heads up.
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