Yesterday Google unveiled a nice number of useful new features in the URL inspection tool. One of those features was to show the HTTP response code of a URL. But did you know it doesn’t show redirect HTTP response codes?
Dave Davies pointed this out on Twitter and I confirmed it by trying the tool on URLs I know are using a 301 redirect. The URL inspection tool simply does not show that code.

Hey @JohnMu – thanks for the Inspection Tool update but really hoped it would report on a 301s instead of displaying the response of the redirect target (or ideally both). Any chance that’s coming as it would assist in verifying proper site & URL migrations? pic.twitter.com/u3REvhg1OL
— Beanstalk IM (@beanstalkim) January 16, 2019
I suspect one day it might become a feature available in that tool but for now, it is not.
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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