Google’s Danny Sullivan responded to one of the complaints about the quality of the search results after the Google Medic Update (not an official name given by Google) around drugs and supplemental drug searches yielding spammy and broken search results. Danny said on Twitter “Appreciate good, detailed feedback like this from @SuppCritique. I’m forwarding it to our team.”
The supplemental drug web site made a video showing how some of the results for some queries around their industry lead to not just pages that do not load, but some pages that can be harmful. Here is that video – I do find it to be a bit overdramatic – but hey, it worked:
[embedded content]
Glenn Gabe posted about it as well and that caught Danny’s eye:

Appreciate good, detailed feedback like this from @SuppCritique. I’m forwarding it to our team.
— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) November 9, 2018
Supposedly this started after the Medic update, which was a point of reference Danny asked for:

The vast majority of this stuff started showing up in early Aug, right around the time of the update. The redirects and re-purposed expired domains have been in the results for way longer, probably more like 1 – 1.5 years.
— Supplement Critique (@SuppCritique) November 9, 2018
The main thing to learn from this is that maybe these specific examples given in the video (I don’t think you need any music) is what Google is looking for in terms of actionable and specific feedback to give to Google around search quality.
I did check a bunch of the examples in this video, and while the queries are very long tail, which can be why the search results are not all that good – they do lead to issues as specified in the video.
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