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Google Testing “Searches Related To” Above AdWords Map

May 9, 2018 | Local SEO

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Mike Blumenthal spotted a new, minor, Google experiment on the AdWords side.
Remember earlier this year, Google began testing related commercial searches? Those then seemed to turn into basic related ads.
Well, recently Google also began testing maps at the top right, which is now the default for some searches.
So when those maps show up at the top right, they typically are placed above the AdWords ads and then hover over those ads when a user scroll down.
Mike spotted Google testing “searches related to” above the map box on the top right. The big question is, is the “searches related to” section AdWords driven or organically free driven? Why do I ask? Well, if they were below the map, then it would be more obvious that they were AdWords driven. But yet, most of these “related” combinations were AdWords driven.
So what do you think?
Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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