Google announced this morning that they have rebuilt the Test My Site tool from top-to-bottom. They added a whole set of features that can help developers build a faster site. You check check out the tool over here.
Here is what is new in the tool:
The speed of both their entire site and of individual pages
Whether their site/page speed is faster or slower compared to the prior month
Whether their site speed/page speed ranks Fast, Average, or Slow
How their site speed compares to others in the industry
The potential impact of site speed on revenue
A detailed list of recommended fixes to increase speed on up to 5 pages on their site
A complete report to share with their team
This tool still uses the Google PageSpeed tool using Lighthouse data.
I am not a huge fan of these tools because you can always tweak more and more out of your page speed. Plus, going from a 90 score to a 99 score doesn’t really matter that much. Plus, the scores don’t always resemble how fast a page is perceived by a user. But the tools are fun and cool.
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