A couple weeks ago Danny Sullivan from Google asked SEOs about providing feedback on how Google shows the search results, the snippets, links, structured data, etc. Now he shared a photo of a large meeting with that team reviewing all that feedback.
How nice – don’t you think?
Danny Sullivan posted on the Search Liaison account photos of the team meeting about that feedback, including the team and some of the notes in a Google Doc. Here is that tweet:

Last week, we asked webmasters what they’d like in how Google displays listings. We received over 250 thoughtful replies. It’s greatly appreciated by our team that handles this area, shown here as we reviewed them. We’re also circulating the comments broadly within search. pic.twitter.com/YDmjkC15fK
— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) November 8, 2018
Danny said they received over 250 thoughtful replies and they went through most of them at the meeting. Danny also added that the people in the photo were on the “team that works on how listings are presented in search, from titles, snippets, rich snippets, sitelinks and so on.” Plus, Danny said this feedback is going through other teams that work on search at Google.
I love to see this!
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