Aaron Bradley who follows the schema, structured data, markup world closer than anyone else I know spotted an update to some Google documentation and posted about it on Google+. In short, Google added beta support for tabular datasets using schema.
You can see the section over here and it currently reads “Beta: This approach is currently in beta and therefore subject to change.”

A tabular dataset is one organized primarily in terms of a grid of rows and columns. For pages that embed tabular datasets, you can also create more explicit markup, building on the basic approach described above. At this time we understand a variation of CSVW (“CSV on the Web”, see W3C), provided in parallel to user-oriented tabular content on the HTML page.
Here is an example showing a small table encoded in CSVW JSON-LD format. There are some known errors in SDTT.

Aaron added:

Interestingly, while the main datatype here is https://schema.org/Dataset, the JSON-LD @context is an array that also includes the CSVW Namespace (http://bit.ly/2NcRt9X), used to declare csvw:Table as the type for the schema.org/mainEntity property, and to provide the properties for the table itself.

I doubt it is worth trying this, I mean – it is super beta. If you are bored, let us know how it goes.
Forum discussion at Google+.

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