It is not every day where you would see a Google Street View Car. Now it is almost never a day that you’d see the Google Street View Car flooded underwater. Here is a picture of one of these cars submerged under water in Eldorado, Texas.
The photos was shared on Twitter:

“Ok #Google, why are you out there?” A Google Street Maps vehicle drove through a flooded stretch of roadway on Hwy 190 outside Eldorado, #TX and eventually drove off the road and became submerged. Pic courtesy: Jon Parker & Crystal Dearman #TXwx pic.twitter.com/OHudLWd9N3
— Chris Ramirez KSAN (@ChrisRamirezWx) October 29, 2018
This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where we find fun and interesting photos related to the search industry and share them with our readers.

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