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Google Snippet Shows “Must Include” When Query Doesn’t Match

Jun 28, 2018 | Local SEO

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Over the past week or so, SEOs have been noticing that for really long tail keyword searches in Google, Google may not just show the “missing” label to describe a keyword in your search is missing from this specific result set, but now also includes “must include.” In short, it looks like Google is giving a way to the searcher to say these search results are missing keyword X, but if you want to include those keywords, you can click on the “must include” keyword and Google will force that keyword to be used in your query.
Here is a screen shot I was able to replicate:

Here are examples from some of the folks who shared this with me on Twitter:

Hey @rustybrick, just wondered if you’d seen this? Query: https://t.co/mooDuUVezj. Cheers. pic.twitter.com/OIiMFNIR67
— Jon Baglow (@BaggySEO) June 26, 2018

@rustybrick ‘Must Include’?? Is this new? pic.twitter.com/6m9F1nrdUa
— Rick Talbot (@rtalbot55) June 27, 2018

Likely late to the party but not seen this before. Cc @rustybrick (just in case)I like it. If nothing else it will teach people unfamiliar with the ‘in quotation marks’ search operator what it does and how it can help you refine your search pic.twitter.com/K1hNK2aFqs
— Tyler Roberts (@Tyler_Rhys) June 27, 2018
Forum discussion at Twitter.

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